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Werther Dell'Edera Commissions (Mail Order / Con Pickup) SDCC, Fan Expo Dallas & Raleigh GalaxyCon

Image of Werther Dell'Edera Commissions  (Mail Order / Con Pickup) SDCC, Fan Expo Dallas & Raleigh GalaxyCon
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Opening TUESDAY 5/30 at 2PM EST- Werther Dell'Edera will be appearing three times in the United States this summer and we are happy to announce our first FULL commission list in multiple years!



*New Commission Tier* 6x9 Inch Paper Size - Single Figure (Bust to Full) $150
Looser style, rough or abstract background elements added at artist's discretion.

Get your commission on a HoS or SiKTC blank for an additional $10. CGC signature series is available, message us after purchase for details.

9x12 Inch Paper Size - Single Full Figure - $500
Fully detailed character, no background included.

11x17/A3 Paper Size - Single Full Figure - $1000
Fully detailed character, background/design elements included.


Despite this being the longest list we have EVER taken for Werther, spots will be limited.

If purchasing for convention pickup, please chose the correct option upon checkout. Spots are relegated for his three appearances and will be completed for each show:

Fan Expo Dallas (To be collected from Werther's table with Scott's Collectables)

San Diego Comic Con (To be collected at TBA signings, TBA Cadence Table)

GalaxyCon Raleigh (To be collected from Werther's table)

*Please Note* Shipping charges will be manually invoiced after your order.

Processing and Details:

If ordering for a specific summer convention, commissions are expected to be completed for pickup. However, due to the nature of freelance work schedules, delays could occur. If you are making a time sensitive order (like a gift) please email us or reference it in the notes at checkout. Otherwise, sit tight and wait for the artist to do their magic!

Mail order pieces are estimated to be completed by the final convention (GalaxyCon Raleigh) and shipped in August, however an additional 8-12 weeks could be added to the standard processing time as Werther's work schedule is very tight and the published book takes priority.

Werther will only accept commissions of established/published characters (no original characters) and reserves the right to decline topics. Werther will not do "likeness" of celebrities or real people nor will he accept commissions of mashup characters or "heroes in disguise." Keep the topics simple and if in doubt, give the maestro multiple choices! He appreciates it.

Commissioned art is for personal use ONLY - Werther retains all publication and reproduction rights. Images shown are for sample purposes only. All sales final.

To purchase Werther's original comic art please visit