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John Constantine Hellblazer TPB Set : Volume 1 & 2 - Aaron Campbell Signature Series (JSA Certified)

Image of John Constantine Hellblazer TPB Set : Volume 1 & 2 - Aaron Campbell Signature Series (JSA Certified)

Hellblazer TPB Set : Volume 1 & 2 (Softcover)

Signed by Artist Aaron Campbell

About the Item:

These two volumes are the COMPLETE Spurrier/Campbell run on the series.

Hellblazer : Volume 1:
Brutally retrieved from a tangle of apocalyptic futures and outright insanity, the working-class magus finds himself restored to the haunted shadows of London, where local gangsters are being shredded by terrifying entities. Their boss wants to hire Constantine to help, and without a penny to his name--and with a gun in his face--who is he to say no?

But this isn't an open-and-shut exorcism. To put this madness back in its bottle, John must work with the man who tried to replace him during his missing years, and confront an impossible power with a horribly familiar face...

Hellblazer: Volume 2:
All across England, strange magical occurences are adding up to a bigger picture—but who's behind it and what's their game?

Someone's been going around seeding chaos and wild beasts into the everyday life of the United Kingdom. From the waters of the English Channel to the queen's own personal stables, monstrous births that should not be possible are accelerating. John Constantine can't help but notice that right at the center of these events is some outcropping or another of Britain's worst impulses. But why? Why is he being driven directly toward each one of these events by some unseen hand? And why is the architect of all this madness wearing John's own face?

About JSA Witness Authentication:

JSA certification is the foremost autograph authentication service in the world. Each individual item is matched, with holosticker, to a certificate (example pictured.) The number associated with each signature is logged to the event in which it was witnessed and stored forever on their website database. This service gives the signature in this book unprecedented provenance and top validity for autograph collectors.


Excerpt from JSA: "Promoters and dealers love our Witnessed Protection Program because of its high level of signature verification. One of our JSA representatives watches the athlete/celebrity signing in order to witness and validate the signature at shows, conventions and signing events. This eyewitness program removes any doubt that the items you buy and sell are authentic."

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