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Marco Rudy Painted Commission (Mail Order)

Image of Marco Rudy Painted  Commission (Mail Order)
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Due to severe delays involving our last list with Marco, we have mutually decided to handle future mail order commissions in a different fashion.

This listing will serve ONLY as an index for examples and rates for Marco's 2022 commissions.

Marco will complete commissions requests one at a time. They will be completed and fulfilled before we move onto the next customer. To enter his reserve list, please email

Once you have entered the list, you will be contacted by Cadence Comic Art to confirm your request and then when Marco is ready to begin your commission. Once he is ready to start, you will be invoiced via paypal for the corresponding price tier, plus shipping:

9x12 inches bust watercolor $175
9x12 inches single figure watercolor $350
9x12 inches two figure watercolor $425

11x17 inches bust watercolor $350
11x17 inches single figure watercolor $550
11x17 inches two figure watercolor $700
11x17 inches cover quality watercolor $1250 (multiple characters within reason, background and/or compositional elements)

Please include your requested character(s) in the email to Cadence. Though open to any and all characters, Marco reserves the right to turn down any commission topic- especially Swamp Thing. So submitting multiple options is preferred! If you have any questions about your request, just message us and we will be happy to chat about it.

Images shown are for sample purposes only. All sales final.


Processing and Details:
Due to the way we are running this list, turnaround time is expected to be much shorter than most our commission lists but 4-8 weeks is possible with an outlying chance of delays pushing completion and delivery to 12-18 weeks, Due to the nature of freelance work schedules, delays can always happen! If you are making a time sensitive order (like a gift) please let us know. Otherwise, sit tight and wait for the artist to do their magic!


To purchase Marco's original comic art please visit