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SUSPIRIA Mail Order Commission - Coming Tuesday 1/24 at 2PM EST

Image of SUSPIRIA Mail Order Commission - Coming Tuesday 1/24 at 2PM EST
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A brand new list opens Tuesday, 1/24 at 2PM EST - limited spots are available!

When purchasing, please indicate topic in "NOTES TO SELLER" box. Although we are not requiring it, Suspiria would prefer 3-5 topics to chose from. Likeness of a celebrity or actor is okay but please refrain from requesting real people who may not consent to their image being used (IE online models, streaming personalities etc.) Suspiria reserves the right to refuse any request- so the more options you get her, the better!

Paper Illustration on thick acrylic quality stock:
9x12 inches, One character - Torso/Half Figure: $275
12x16 inches, Retro-style One character - Half/Full Figure: $400
12x16 Movie Poster/Cover Quality Commission (Up to 4 characters, w/ compositional elements and background at artist's discretion): $650

Canvas or Wood:
10x10 or 12x9 Inches: $525
11x14 or 14x14 inches: $700
12x16 or 16x16 inches: $875

Oversized Commissions :
Movie Poster/Cover Quality commissions:
24x18 on Canvas Board: $1100
24x12 on Wood Panel: $1200
24x36 on Wood Panel: $1800
* Note: Additional Shipping charges may apply for Oversized Commissions *

Processing and Details:
Turnaround time is expected to be 12-18 weeks until completion and delivery. However, due to the nature of freelance work schedules and the international location of the artist, delays of up to 6-8 months could occur. If you are making a time sensitive order (like a gift) please email us or reference it in the notes at checkout. Otherwise, sit tight and wait for the artist to do their magic!

All items purchased are for private use only, please email for pieces intended for publication.

To purchase Suspiria's original comic art please visit


About Suspiria:

Born in Barcelona, Suspiria’s artistic ability is taken to another time and place. Upon viewing Suspiria’s work, you seem to become drawn to a recipe of dark, dangerous beauty that features prominently through her paintings and illustrations.

Suspiria’s art is inspired mostly by female anatomy, 80’s and 70’s horror flicks, dark comics and vintage halloween music.

Suspiria studied art, fashion and graphic design in Barcelona and Canary Islands, and later went to win the “Stradivarius Fashion Award”. She exhibited her work in New York, Los Angeles, Bilbao, Victoria, Barcelona, Toronto, in galleries like Hive, Clutter, Vincon and also shows on her own space in downtown Toronto.

Currently living in Toronto (Canada) working as a full time artist.