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Valentina Limited Print by Mateus Santolouco

Image of Valentina Limited Print by Mateus Santolouco

11x17 inches
Heavy Card Stock
Signed by Mateus Santolouco
Limited to 100


About the artist:

Born in 1979, Mateus Santolouco is a comic book artist and creator based in his hometown Porto Alegre, in the southern state of Brazil. He graduated in advertisement and for 9 years worked with illustrations, characters designs and animations for the local publicity market. In 2006 Mateus turned his efforts exclusively to the comics industry and since then he published at houses like Image Comics, Marvel Comics and DC Comics, including the first season of the DC’s New 52 - Dial H, written by the award-winning novelist China Miéville. Santolouco’s debut miniseries, 2Guns, written by Steven Grant and published by Boom! Studios, was recently adapted by Hollywood in the movie with the same title starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. As a writer/artist Mateus co-created, co-written and co-illustrated the Graphic Novel Mondo Urbano, along with Eduardo Medeiros (Marvel’s Strange Tales II) and Rafael Albuquerque (Vertigo’s American Vampire), published by Oni Press. Currently he is one of the main artists of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book, by IDW Publishing, where he has also written the miniseries The Secret History of the Foot Clan in which he created the origins of the Turtles’ archenemy, the Shredder, with co-script by Erik Burnhan (Ghostbusters’ comics), for the IDW’s continuity.